Timothy Smith Child Custody Modifications
Timothy N. Smith, Esq.

Timothy N. Smith, Esq.

Tim Smith has practiced law in San Diego for more than 30 years. He has dedicated most of his legal career to children's issues, ranging from child custody and visitation, to child abuse and neglect.

In recent years, much of Mr. Smith's Domestic Court practice has been handling post-judgment child custody and visitation modifications. A request to modify an existing child custody or visitation order can be complex. So, too, is the situation in which a parent must defend against another parent's desire to modify an existing arrangement.

Mr. Smith works with evaluators and therapists who regularly counsel both children and parents, and prepare professional reports for use with the Court. Mr. Smith is also frequently appointed by the Family Court judges as Minor's Counsel. In this important role, he represents children and their best interests in motions and proceedings where the custodial relationship with their parents is at issue.

Mr. Smith understands the importance of family relationships, having gone through the experience of raising his own children. Together with his wife, they have guided their now adult children through every aspect of childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood. Tim served many years as an adult leader in his children's scouting programs. He also coached many sports teams, and has served in a multitude of community and legal organizations dedicated to serving the needs of young people.